Why You Should Invest In Metrotown

Metrotown, located in South Burnaby is a famous shopping and entertainment destination. It’s the most urban neighbourhood in Burnaby, BC. Not only it is a great city to shop and dine in but it’s one of the finest neighbourhood to live in as well. Metrotown community is especially popular to millennials due to the great access to public transit and condominium living. Burnaby real estate has been significantly popular and will be increasing. So why should you invest in Metrotown? 


Never Be Bored

The neighbourhood of Metrotown is known for shopping and entertainment. Many people from other cities visit Metrotown to shop, dine, and more. Metropolis at Metrotown, Crystal Mall, Metrotown theatre is all great reasons why people love the district. The best part is that all of these places are easily accessible by Skytrain, bus, and vehicles. You won’t need to worry about where to eat because there are diverse restaurants nearby as well. 


Go Wherever You Want

The reason why millennials and young adults desire living in Metrotown is because of public transit. It has great access to other cities as you can travel by Skytrain, bus, or vehicle. The area is served by Metrotown Skytrain station, along with Patterson and Royal Oak station. The stations provide buses to all directions as well. If you are driving your vehicle, Kingsway offers access to other parts of Burnaby and a highway closeby will take you to other cities within a short period. Public transit plays a major role when you consider investing in cities/neighbourhood as it can tremendously increase the value of the homes. 


Green Escape

Living in a busy, urban area can be stressful at times. The City of Burnaby offers diverse parks and recreation but specifically, the area of Metrotown has Central Park along the edges of the neighbourhood. Central Park is loved by both young and old generations with amenities like swimming pool, tennis court, putt golf course, and Swangard Stadium. Metrotown is the ultimate neighbourhood to enjoy the urban and dream a green escape in the city.


More Condos Entering The City

With the area being increasingly dense, there have been more and more highrises entering the area. If you like Tower-style condominium living, Metrotown is the perfect place for you. As buildings get older, numerous properties are being demolished and built with highrise luxury condos. Metrotown real estate is rapidly growing and changing as it continues to grow. It’s a very trendy neighbourhood with more towers being proposed every year. 


Metrotown is an important aspect of Burnaby real estate as the area continues to rapidly grow. It's definitely a neighbourhood that you should invest in as the value will increase with time and it’s popular in demand by many individuals. If you’re interested, take a look at Condo For Sale, Duplex For Sale, House For Sale in Burnaby or Presale properties. If you have any questions regarding Metrotown Real Estate, please contact Lorenzo or call 604.657.8121.