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If you’re thinking to buy a property, consider buying a single-family detached house. Millennials are buying more single-family detached homes and there must be a reason behind this. Buying a detached home offers diverse benefits that you can’t gain from investing in a townhome or condo. 

All home buyers must think about their needs and wants to find the best choice for them. While townhomes are attached to each other and condos are multi-unit building, a detached house have the whole property by itself. Privacy is the biggest benefit of single-family homes because nothing is attached or connected. You don’t have to worry about facing any discomforting noises from your neighbours. Also, you have the freedom to decorate or do whatever you want with your home, since the property is solely yours. If you’re thinking to expand your family in the future, a single-family detached home is a perfect property to invest in because a detached home provides more space. 

Whether you are a first time home buyer, real estate investor, a business professional, our active listings have diverse Burnaby houses for sale that will meet your needs. The MLS listing includes houses for sale in North Burnaby, East Burnaby, and other Burnaby neighbourhoods. Select your price range, age, living area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms to find your perfect match of homes for sale in Burnaby, BC. If you're looking for houses in other cities, use our MLS Search to find homes. 


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