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The number of condos being built in Vancouver, especially in Burnaby is increasing every year. There are many presale condos in Burnaby and other condo listings in the past few years. Whether people buy condos for personal use or for rental income, condos are definitely popular to many individuals. 

A condo is where every owner in the condo shares ownership of the land that is built on. It’s divided into several units and all units are sold separately to individual owners. There are big differences in buying a house, townhome or a condo. Condos can be a great investment as the property value may go up in the future and it’s worth looking into factors that may positively impact the value. Many people buy condos for rental property income because the rent is typically high to cover the monthly mortgage, maintenance fee, and condo association fee. Sometimes, out of pocket expenses can be less with a condo than a single-detached house with a similar value. 

There is a reason why people prefer buying condos over townhomes and single detached home lately. Condos are excellent choices for many buyers and investors. Invest in something that’s going to be worth it in the future. 

Browse through our MLS listings for Burnaby condos. This listing includes condos in North Burnaby, SFU, Metrotown, Brentwood, and more. Burnaby MLS listings reveal plenty of options for Burnaby condos for sale according to price, living area, age, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. View photos and detailed information about its amenities and features. If you're looking for condos in other cities, use our MLS Search to find homes. Looking for Presale condos? Check out our Presale Page


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